Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Welcome to Scot in Riga

I hope that in time this blog will allow provide a picture of what life is like working and living in Riga. Having spent over 10 years here, I can start of by saying that it is a wonderful City/country to be in - even if at times a little frustrating.

Speaking of frustrating, the advent of "cheap" flights from UK, has meant that we are now inundated with "drunken cretins" every weekend, which if nothing else confirms Europeans worst fears about the Brits abroad - So special plea to all authorities, crack down hard, otherwise look forward to seeing this wonderful city ruined.

Finally can I suggest that someone opens a good bar/restaurant which would cater for all of "us" living here, but would "bar" any of these cretins from entry.

Finally for all those living in working in Riga, can someone explain why we still cannot get a UK newspaper in Riga ( The Business Times does not count !!) - also what about a Fish & Chip shop ?


Anonymous whatever said...

This is eastern europe and dominating languages are still latvian and russian, not english, german or spanish. ;)

So I guess these newspapers are not requested in local stores and therefor not available. You can try to check Hotel Ridzene or any other hotel for foreign newspapers. But could be that the only way is to subscribe for newspaper.

Not much but still something.

Maybe make a visit to any of the Diena offices and ask for a chance to subscribe for your favorite newspaper. ;)

9:00 pm  
Anonymous sergei said...

"fish&chips shops..." ...and Celtics vs.Rangers Derby in Skonto stadium twice in year;)

3:27 am  
Blogger Brush Box said...

You can get English newspapers here or don't the international editions of The Guardian and Independent count? You can get those at the Narvesson on Barona Iela or in the newsagents at Stockmann. Narvesson is certainly good for international magazines but they cost an arm and a leg. In general Riga seems much better in that respect than Budapest which is where I came here from.
Nice blog Dave, any chance of an article about the best private language school to go to?

3:15 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

is there still no where to get some chips? http://riga.greyisgood.eu

2:41 pm  

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