Monday, September 12, 2005

Autumn Approaches

It only seems yesterday that the first leaves of Spring arrived, and now they are falling thick and fast ( only to swept up by "them" - see previous posting). The weather has remained beautiful, if a little cooler.

Spent the weekend at a house warming party in the country - near Dobele. This was a real Latvian country house, albeit thoroughly modernised. With a private lake, and wooden Sauna house beside the lake - it was stunning. The party started at 5.00 pm on Saturday and ended sometime in the wee hours of Sunday. A typical Latvian party, much dancing, singing, the sauna was optional. Complete with as much drink as you could wish. (At least for those you were not driving - regretfully I was !). Managed to get lost on the return journey, but given that eventually all roads lead to Riga - finally made it back.

One point of note for those looking to visit Latvia, the medical service is superb. No one likes going to hospital, and the food there is shall we say less than tempting - but the quality of the medical staff and the treatment is beyond reproach.

There is a clinic quite close to where I live and work, where at short notice one can get all the professional assistance you could wish for. Just to give a few examples - a blood test with results within the day - about £4.00, MRI scan ( wait time less than two weeks) £30.00.

Quite a number of my friends have all there dental work, as even with the cost of the flight, it is still considerably cheaper than the UK - and guess what NO WAITING LIST.

So there we are another week gone by, thoughts are now turning from summer to winter - hopefully it will not be a repeat of my first winter in Riga - 1996 and -30 c , brrrrrrrrrrr !!


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